Use Newsletters to Enhance Your Agency Brand

Newsletters are a great way to maintain constant contact with your target audience while at the same time enhancing brand awareness. With careful attention, newsletters can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your agency.

The most important elements of a newsletter are:

– Relevant information
– Standardized format
– Pre-defined frequency
– Option to change preferences (if delivered via email)
– Company info

Your newsletter must provide relevant information

Give readers what they want. Be it latest industry information, current trends in your business, new products, or anything else. Your newsletter should provide fresh, quality info. Your information should give a reason to the recipient to look forward to the next newsletter.

Maintain consistency — don’t get too creative

Agents usually put considerable effort into sending their first few newsletters, but find it difficult down the road to maintain the same momentum. Consistency is key, so make sure you follow through on future issues. Also, use a standard format that represents your agency brand and present your information in the same manner in all the newsletters.

Prepare in advance and maintain the frequency

Be punctual in sending your newsletters. If it’s the first of every month, then it should reach the recipient on that day and time.

Give recipients the power to select and change (if delivered via email)

Make it easy for your subscribers to change preferences such as – frequency, content, email address, etc. Apart from preferences, you must also honor unsubscribe requests. All opt-outs should be removed from your database promptly.

Provide company info in a subtle way

Put valuable information before anything else. Your subscribers know about your company and that’s why they subscribed in the first place. It is important to include info about your agency, but don’t overdo it.