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In this day and age of electronic media, Agencies send out Print Newsletters for the following reasons:

  • To make a bigger impact with significantly longer shelf life
  • To guarantee that nearly 100% of clients and prospects receive the Newsletters
  • To send a message that your agency is strong and thriving
  • To get a PDF version of the newsletter to add to their website or send out to clients and prospects

 Our Print newsletters include the following benefits:
Magazine Mockup Cover

  • Very High Quality 80# Gloss Text Stock
  • 3,000 articles from which to choose your content
  • Option to customize articles or submit your own article
  • Customized greeting
  • Five design styles from which to choose
  • Custom Design options
  • Agency Photos and Stock Art
  • Account Rounding and Retention Call to Action ads
  • Mailing service options

Your print newsletter can be as individualized and as high quality as your agency! It will not have the appearance of a canned, run-of-the-mill marketing piece.


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