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Sprinkler Damage from a Quake Can Prove a Costly Business: Protect Your Firm

While you might expect cracks to the foundation or walls of your business should an earthquake strike, that is not the most common damage resulting from temblors.

More typically, businesses will suffer sprinkler damage, after they automatically turn on during an event. Once they start, they may gush on for hours, wreaking havoc on office fixtures and furniture, computer equipment, machinery and inventory. The resulting damage can often far exceed the damage to the structure itself. Worse yet, an earthquake or property policy won't cover that damage.

Can Caffeine Aggravate My High Blood Pressure?

Caffeine can give us that energy boost that we need to kick-start our day.

But are there downfalls to starting the day off with a morning cup of coffee? After all, depending on the person, coffee may increase blood pressure for a short period of time.

Know the Law Before Taking on Summer Interns

If you hire interns during the summer months as a way to buffer your operations during this busy period, you need to understand your obligations as an employer, particularly if your interns are unpaid.

Under federal law, the majority of interns must be paid at least the prevailing minimum wage in your state. If you don't pay an intern, you may likely be in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act in addition to similar laws in your state. Here's how to know if you have to pay them or not.

Photo Copyright Owners Take Aim at Businesses Using Their Images on Websites, Blogs

More and more companies are getting unwelcome letters notifying them they've impinged on someone's copyright when they used an image found on the internet.

This can happen when businesses build their own websites, or upload blog posts on their website or marketing or promotional items online. Typically, it's the result of one of their staff using a photo they downloaded from Google instead of purchasing the image from an online store like istockphoto, Shutterstock or Getty Images.

Turning 65? Here's What You Need to Know About Medicare

When you turn 65, you have some important decisions to make about your Medicare benefits. You must also make these decisions within a specific time frame. It's important to understand your choices, and the timeline by which you must make them in order to avoid penalties.

Normally, most Americans become eligible for Medicare benefits when they turn 65. The process differs, however, depending on whether you are currently receiving Social Security benefits.

New Employees Account for Large Share of Workplace Injuries

A new study has found that new employees account for a significant portion of workplace injuries. And these accidents are often more severe and costlier than average.

Here's what you can do to protect your first-year employees.

Medicare Alzheimer's Drug Decision and Its Effect on Rates, Coverage

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced that it will only cover the controversial Alzheimer's therapy Aduhelm for Medicare patients who are in clinical trials.

Besides setting clear-cut rules for when Medicare will cover the drug, it also sets the stage for the CMS to reduce Medicare Part B premiums as a result of the decision. Here's what you need to know in terms of coverage and rates going forward.

Plan Now for Your Child's Insurance at College

If your child is gearing up to attend college, they will leave the comforts of home to likely be on their own for the first time.

And while they and their belongings have been under the protective custody of you and your insurance, now that they will be living away they may not be as responsible as you are. Now is a good time to take stock of your insurance and what kind of coverage is available to college students. Here's how.

A Hacker's Tips on Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

One big concern for all of us these days is online safety and protecting our personally identifiable information and credit card information.

Not only that, but clicking on a nefarious link on a website or in an e-mail can unleash a cyber attack on your computer with bots rifling through all of your files. So how can you avoid being hacked and having your personal data exposed? Follow these tips.

Employers Focus on Cost Containment, Mental Health and Telemedicine

A new survey has found that managing health care costs and expanding mental health benefits will be a top priority for U.S. employers as they ramp up benefits to compete for talent in the tight job market spawned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, virtual care is expected to become an essential and long-lasting feature of employers' health insurance and employee benefits strategies over the next few years. How can these trends fit into your organization's overall health benefits strategy?

Cost of Commercial Property Insurance Surges Thanks to Inflation, Climate Change

As climate change continues to create more turbulent weather and natural catastrophes, commercial property insurance rates are still climbing — and the recent surge in inflation is adding fuel to the cost of coverage.

While overall commercial property rates increased about 10% on average in 2021, rates surged between 25% and 40% in areas prone to natural catastrophes during that same period. What are the other factors contributing to the cost of insurance, and what can commercial property owners do?

Reporting Workers' Comp Claims Late Can Push up Costs Nearly 50%

One of the keys to keeping the costs of a workers' compensation claim from spiraling out of control is prompt claims reporting.

Claims are routinely filed late, either by the injured worker who fails to report it to the employer, or the employer dawdling or procrastinating and not reporting the claim to its insurer. Either way, those delays result in delays in treatment, which can exacerbate the injury, leading to additional medical care and higher costs.

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