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Stressed, Burned Out Workers May Compromise Safety

Americans are working longer hours and facing more demands for productivity, leading to stress and burnout, which in turn can affect workplace safety, according to risk management experts. Understaffing plays a part in this, they found.

When workers are stressed or required to work quickly, they are more prone to making mistakes that can injure themselves or co-workers.

Identify Your Workers' Needs, Consider Costs before Open Enrollment

Group health plan open enrollment is almost upon us and employers who get an early start and plan their communications have better success in driving participation and helping their employees make the right decisions for their life situations. Here's how to get it right.

Most Working Americans Are Not Prepared for Retirement

Many Americans are stressed about their financial preparedness for their retirement years.

Most of those who are stressed are likely not taking the proper steps to prepare financially, according to a new study.

The Biggest Money Mistakes Retirees Make

The abundance of investment options that are available to us as we plan for a financially secure retirement can be daunting.

Some retirees take too much risk. Others do not. What are the biggest mistakes retirees make, and how can you avoid them?

Fixing Unhealthy Thinking and Habits Regarding Money

During the course of a lifetime, many of us pick up some unhealthy attitudes and thinking regarding money. 

These attitudes can come from our parents who may have taught us their fears about being poor or living through tough times. Some can come from schoolteachers and pastors who may have even added a moral dimension to these fears by passing along quotes such as, "money is the root of all evil."  And some of our attitudes are born from our personal experiences. What are your money problems? how can you fix them? Find out here. 

Theft and Vandalism on the Rise, Protect Your Business

Theft and vandalism against business has been growing rapidly, with 28% of businesses reporting an increase from 2021 to 2022, according to a new report.

Burglaries, robberies and vandalism can be devastating to small businesses in terms of money, customers and employee safety. Crime prevention can help business owners protect their assets and employees. Companies should consider the measures set out in this item in order to minimize the risk.

New Ransomware Threat Delivered through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Corp. has issued a warning that cyber criminals are exploiting its Teams video-conferencing platform to launch phishing attacks that can debilitate companies that are victims of these actions.

Hackers often abuse the Microsoft Teams platform to launch cyber attacks and the latest threat the company is tracking is called Storm-0324, which it has deemed a serious danger to businesses due to its resulting sophisticated methods. Here's what you need to know and how your firm can protect itself.

The Importance of Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Every employer, no matter how small, faces the specter of being sued by a past, present or prospective employee at some time.

In fact, such employment practices claims are widespread – so much so that most businesses are much more likely to have an employment practices liability claim than a general liability or property loss claim. The stakes are even higher now in the MeToo# era. Are you protected?

Failing to Check a Driver's Clearinghouse Record Can Leave Your Company Exposed

Fleet operators face an increased risk of potential liability if they are not diligent about checking their drivers' moving violation records with the state Department of Motor Vehicles in addition to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

To ensure the safety of our roadways, as of 2020, it became mandatory that all registered motor carriers sign up their drivers in the Clearinghouse and run their driver rosters through the system to clear them for duty. But many companies are skipping this step and only checking their drivers' records with the DMV, which may not reflect any suspensions issued by the Clearinghouse.

Your Decisions During Open Enrollment

If you suddenly find yourself without employer-based health insurance coverage, or maybe you are running your own business, you will likely be needing an individual or family policy to protect you and your loved ones.

Open enrollment for individual health plans starts on Nov. 1 and runs through Dec. 15 if you want to secure a plan that starts Jan. 1. Open enrollment actually runs through Jan. 15, 2023, but you shouldn't wait until the last minute to apply for coverage. You may also be in line to receive subsidies. Here's what you need to know and how we can help.

Insurers Scale Back Medicare Advantage Prior Authorizations

Some of the nation's largest insurers have announced plans to roll back their prior authorization requirements for medical services, and some are doing this in their Medicare Advantage plans as well.

The moves come as states and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are implementing rules that aim to streamline prior authorizations for Medicare Advantage plans. Here's how you may benefit from these changes.

Easier Medicare Part D Drug Payments Coming in 2025

Starting in 2025, Medicare Part D enrollees will have the option to spread out their out-of-pocket drug costs over the course of the year, rather than coughing them up all at once.

New draft guidance issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require all Part D health plans to offer monthly payment options for all drugs they cover. It sets out specific rules, including how enrollees can apply and who would most benefit from doing so. Here's what you need to know.

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