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  •  Why Market to your Existing Clients?

    Why Market to your Existing Clients?

    • Account Rounding
    • Cross-Line Marketing
    • Get Quality Referrals
    • Increase Retention
    • Warm-up Prospects
    • Very Cost Effective

    Reaching out to your existing clients is absolutely the “best bang for the buck”
    when it comes to agency marketing. It’s much easier to convert warm prospects into
    clients and policies than it is to convert cold prospects.

  • Newsletter custimized solutions

    Customized Solutions

    • Submit a Custom Greeting or Announcement
    • Choose from 3,000 Articles
    • Modify Content for your Agency’s Needs
    • Submit your own Articles (editing available)
    • Submit your Agency Photos
    • Feature a Team Member

    A customized newsletter is well received by Clients and Warm prospects. It helps personalize your
    Agency, most especially in the age of the internet when there is less personal interaction
    between the Agency and the Client. Let your client know who you are and know you are
    available for them, before they reach out to another.

  • Account Rounding Ad Slicks

    Account Rounding Ad Slicks

    Well-designed and nicely illustrated ads bring awareness to:

    • Multi-Policy Discounts
    • Need of an Umbrella Policy
    • Other Lines offered by your Agency
    • When a Policy needs to be Reviewed
    • Submit your Agency Photos
    • Feature a Team Member

    Wording and text is designed to get the attention of the recipient and to initiate
    a call
    to your agency. You are able to insert a photo or logo along with contact information

  • 3000+ Articles to Select from

    3000+ Articles to Select from

    Articles on nearly every insurance subject:

    • Information about Policy Types
    • Real Life Claims Cases
    • Loss Control and Prevention
    • Contemporary Insurance Issues
    • Informational Underwriting Issues

    We cover these Lines of Insurance and Financial Planning
    Personal Lines – Commercial Lines – Employee Benefits – Personal Planning (Life, Health,

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    Newsletters Feed into these Social Media Platforms:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter

    In addition to having your newsletter sent via email, get more mileage through our Social
    Media Feeds.

    Cross Selling and Referrals are so important. Reaching out to everyone via every medium
    available is the key to rounding accounts and getting quality referrals.


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