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Easily communicate your message with minimum time and effort on your part with our Insurance Newsletters.

Marketing solutions created by insurance professionals for insurance agencies.

Customized Insurance Newsletters Solutions

A customized newsletter is well received by clients and warm prospects. It helps personalize your agency, most especially in the age of the internet when there is less personal interaction between the agency and the client. Your newsletter will provide them with useful advice and make them aware of changes and risks that are evolving which may affect them. Our newsletter tool lets you:

  • Submit a custom greeting or announcement
  • Choose from 4,000 articles
  • Modify content for your agency’s needs
  • Submit your own articles (editing available)
  • Submit your agency photos and logo
  • Keep your clients up to date on agency changes, new services.

Social Media Integration

Newsletters Feed into these Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

In addition to having your newsletter sent via email, get more mileage through our social media feeds.

Cross selling and referrals are so important. Reaching out to everyone via every medium available is the key to up-selling to current accounts and getting quality referrals.

Marketing Mailers

Expertly-designed marketing mailers bring awareness to:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • The need for an umbrella policy
  • Other lines offered by your agency
  • When a policy needs to be renewed or reviewed
  • Announcing a new team member or new services

Our professional marketing team will create ad copy designed to get maximum attention from the recipient and to initiate a call to your agency. We will work with you to ensure branding continuity by using your logo and any photos unique to your agency’s brand. We offer print and mail services for postcards and other marketing material.

Why Market to Existing Clients and Prospects?

Reaching out to your existing clients is absolutely the “best bang for the buck” when it comes to agency marketing. And it’s much easier to convert warm prospects who you’ve had contact with into clients and policies than it is to convert cold prospects. Our cost-effective services help you:

  • Cross sell to existing clients
  • Get quality referrals
  • Increase retention
  • Warm up prospects
  • Boost your website rankings
  • Get you noticed on social media

4,000+ articles on nearly every insurance subject

  • Current trends affecting risk and insurance
  • Coverage of legal and regulatory changes
  • Loss control and prevention
  • Primers and how-to articles
  • Reminder articles on deadlines and impending changes

We cover these Lines of Insurance and Financial Planning:

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Employee Benefits
  • Personal Planning (life, health, long-term care insurance, Medicare, real estate, financial planning)
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Article & Content Library

New Ownership Disclosure Rules May Affect Your Business

Under new U.S. Treasury Department rules, businesses with fewer than 20 employees and less than $5 million in annual revenue will have to start reporting ownership and control information to the federal government every year.

The requirement is expected to affect 32 million small businesses across the country. Starting Jan. 1, 2025, existing firms will be required to file ownership and control information with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  Here's how the rule may affect your business, and how you can prepare.

When a Marriage Fails, What Happens to the Couple's Life Insurance?

Harry and Sally live in Arizona. He's 56 years old, she's 58. They've been married 27 years, and now they're calling it quits. In addition to the emotional pain, divorce means dividing up assets accumulated over the life of the marriage.

People naturally focus on houses, cars, retirement savings and other obvious assets when deciding who gets what. Less obvious but just as important — life insurance.

16 Surprising FSA and HSA Eligible Expenses Your Employees Should Know About

Employers offer flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts to their employees to help them build up funds with pre-tax dollars to pay for health care and related expenses.

For the most part, people use their funds in FSAs and HSAs to reimburse themselves for out-of-pocket costs like copays, health insurance deductibles and the cost of prescription medications. Unfortunately, many don't take full advantage of their FSAs and HSAs — and they could be getting reimbursed for a number of items they already are purchasing.

Here are 16 surprising ways to spend those funds.

Managing Your Internal Supply Chain Risk: Equipment Failure

Thanks to the supply-chain disruptions in the past few years, many companies have learned quickly the need for planning ahead and having contingency plans in place if key parts, merchandise or other inputs fail to show up at their doorstep.

However, many businesses also face internal supply chain risks, and one of the biggest is machinery or equipment breaking down. Knowing the right steps to take in advance can save you from making a bad situation worse or significantly delaying the resumption of operations.

Class Code Changes Coming after Rating Bureau Filing Approved

Starting Sept. 1, California's telecommuter class code will finally get its own pure premium rate, that is lower than what's currently being charged, after the Insurance Department approved the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's regulatory filing.

The approval will also add six new restaurant classifications and increases the premium threshold for experience rating. Here are the details.

Six Things Retirees Can Teach Us About Retirement Preparation

Today's crop of retirees — those older citizens who are now actually living through retirement, and in some cases paying the price of poor decision-making earlier in life — have a lot of wisdom to pass on to the rest of us.

According to a recent survey, some aspects of the reality of retirement don't quite match with expectations. If they could go back in time to their youth, knowing what they know now about their retirement years, what would these retirees tell themselves? What would they tell you, even now, as you prepare for your own retirement?

EEOC Publishes Guidance on Using AI in Employment Decisions

Employers that use algorithmic decision-making tools when making hiring decisions should know about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's new guidance.

The guidance follows the EEOC's recent announcement that it would pursue enforcement of violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act arising from use of AI in employment decisions. Here's what you need to know. 

2024 HSA Contribution Limits, HDHP Minimums, Maximums Set

The IRS has raised the maximum amount employees can funnel into their health savings accounts for 2024, marking the single-largest percentage increase ever.

The IRS updates this amount annually, along with minimum deductibles as well as the out-of-pocket maximums for high-deductible health plans. Under its rules, HSAs, which help employees save for medical expenses, are only available to those enrolled in qualified HDHPs. What are the new numbers and by how much are they changing?

New Workers Account for Third of Industrial Injuries

Employees who have been on the job for less than a year account for one-third of workers' compensation claims, according to a new report.

Injuries suffered by new workers in their first year on the job account for nearly 7 million missed workdays a year due to injury, according to the report. It found that time on the job and an employee's age were the main drivers of both workplace injury frequency and the cost of those claims.

With those findings in mind, here are some workplace safety tips for new and aging workers.

Report: Accommodations for Disabled Employees Are Inexpensive

The Americans with Disabilities Act, now more than 30 years old, requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Many employers may be concerned about the cost of making those accommodations. However, a recent government study shows that the costs are typically minimal or non-existent.

Half of Medicare Members Enrolled in Medicare Advantage

More and more seniors are signing up for Medicare Advantage plans than ever before, according to a report by Kaiser Family Foundation that looks at the most recent enrollment data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

In 2023, 50% of Medicare enrollees are in MA plans (also known as Part C plans), compared with just 19% in 2007. Meanwhile, average MA plan monthly premiums remain low, although the average premium paid increased 50% to $9 a month in 2023 from $6 the year prior. Here's what's driving the migration to these plans.

Tips on Hiring Teens for Summer Employment

You may be considering taking on some extra workers for the summer months, and often many employers will gravitate towards hiring teenagers looking for temporary work.

If you are planning on hiring any workers under the age of 18, you should familiarize yourself with federal and any state laws on child labor restrictions. Take these steps to ensure compliance and their safety.

Taking the hassle out of insurance agency marketing.

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