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Easily communicate your message with minimum time and effort on your part with our Insurance Newsletters.

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Customized Insurance Newsletters Solutions

A customized newsletter is well received by clients and warm prospects. It helps personalize your agency, most especially in the age of the internet when there is less personal interaction between the agency and the client. Your newsletter will provide them with useful advice and make them aware of changes and risks that are evolving which may affect them. Our newsletter tool lets you:

  • Submit a custom greeting or announcement
  • Choose from 4,000 articles
  • Modify content for your agency’s needs
  • Submit your own articles (editing available)
  • Submit your agency photos and logo
  • Keep your clients up to date on agency changes, new services.

Social Media Integration

Newsletters Feed into these Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

In addition to having your newsletter sent via email, get more mileage through our social media feeds.

Cross selling and referrals are so important. Reaching out to everyone via every medium available is the key to up-selling to current accounts and getting quality referrals.

Marketing Mailers

Expertly-designed marketing mailers bring awareness to:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • The need for an umbrella policy
  • Other lines offered by your agency
  • When a policy needs to be renewed or reviewed
  • Announcing a new team member or new services

Our professional marketing team will create ad copy designed to get maximum attention from the recipient and to initiate a call to your agency. We will work with you to ensure branding continuity by using your logo and any photos unique to your agency’s brand. We offer print and mail services for postcards and other marketing material.

Why Market to Existing Clients and Prospects?

Reaching out to your existing clients is absolutely the “best bang for the buck” when it comes to agency marketing. And it’s much easier to convert warm prospects who you’ve had contact with into clients and policies than it is to convert cold prospects. Our cost-effective services help you:

  • Cross sell to existing clients
  • Get quality referrals
  • Increase retention
  • Warm up prospects
  • Boost your website rankings
  • Get you noticed on social media

4,000+ articles on nearly every insurance subject

  • Current trends affecting risk and insurance
  • Coverage of legal and regulatory changes
  • Loss control and prevention
  • Primers and how-to articles
  • Reminder articles on deadlines and impending changes

We cover these Lines of Insurance and Financial Planning:

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Employee Benefits
  • Personal Planning (life, health, long-term care insurance, Medicare, real estate, financial planning)
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Hospital Indemnity Insurance a Key Voluntary Benefit

Most employers offer major medical coverage to their full-time employees. But that still leaves workers and their families with significant exposure to financial hardship in the event of a serious medical emergency.

For example, even with insurance, treating a broken leg or undergoing emergency appendicitis surgery can mean thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical costs.

Fortunately, employers can help by offering their workers voluntary hospital indemnity insurance that can provide peace of mind in case they have a serious medical episode.

Voluntary Benefits Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention

As the economy continues roaring, the market for top talent stays exceedingly competitive. Multiple studies have consistently shown that a robust set of employee benefits is a vital component of an overall compensation package.

But it's tough for smaller companies to compete with their large counterparts, who have the advantage of economies of scale. As a result, many employers are increasingly turning to voluntary employee benefits, which allow them to provide valued, high-demand benefits to employees at little or no cost to the company. The options are many.

Mark Cuban: CEOs Don't Know Where Their Health Benefit Dollars Are Going

Since billionaire businessman Mark Cuban entered the health care space with Cost Plus Drug Co., which he launched in May 2020, he has gotten a new perspective on the value that most CEOs place on their group health insurance benefits.

And what he has found is a lot of waste and a lack of health care buy-in among corporate chieftains, according to one of his recent posts on X, formerly known as Twitter. Most CEOs of self-insured companies, he wrote, "don't know and don't really want to know where their health care benefit dollars are going."

New Rule Aims to Expedite Prior Authorization Requests

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has published a final rule aimed at improving how prior authorizations are handled by health insurers. The measure primarily limits the time insurers have to approve or deny requests.

In addressing wait times for prior approvals, the CMS is targeting an issue that's become a problem for some patients whose health can deteriorate while waiting for their doctor's request for service to be approved. Here's what's in store and how insured patients will benefit.

Vacant Office Buildings May Have Insurance Problems

The trend toward employees working remotely that began during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven popular, and many employers have been able to shrink their office costs by leasing smaller spaces.

However, these changes have resulted in increased commercial building vacancy rates, and that can leave building owners with insurance problems.

Auto Insurers Keep Up Double-Digit Rate Hikes

Private auto insurance rates continued climbing last year with all of the country's largest car insurance carriers raising rates by 15% or more from 2022 levels, according to a new report.

The rate hikes continue as car insurers face mounting claims costs due to increasing repair and replacement costs as well as more destructive natural disasters, among other factors. Many of the nation's largest insurers have been bleeding red ink due to losses in their homeowner's and auto insurance books of business. As a result, they have been raising their rates significantly. Here's what's going on.

Baby Boomers: Don't Outlive Your Retirement Money

The oldest of the Boomer generation are already in retirement or semi-retirement. And the others won't be far behind. If you're a Baby Boomer, you have some unique retirement concerns you need to address.

What To Do With 'Safe Money'

The first rule of investing is always 'safety,' but with inflation hovering around 2 to 3 percent, bank-guaranteed products like CDs and savings accounts are actually losing money net of inflation.

So where can investors find a safe harbor in a storm without taking on too much market risk?

New OSHA Electronic Reporting Rule Takes Effect

A new rule by the Department of Labor requires firms with 100 or more employees in certain industries to electronically submit their OSHA Form 300 and 301 logs, starting in 2024. These are in addition to submission of Form 300A-Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.

The new rule applies to businesses in 104 high-hazard industries that include the agricultural, food production, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, transportation and medical sectors. Here's what you need to know about the rule.

OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

Fed-OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by employers have increased for 2024.

The penalties for OSHA violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations increased 3% on Jan. 16 from their 2023 levels. Here are the new penalties.

Cal/OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

Cal/OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by California employers have increased for 2024.

The penalties for both Fed-OSHA and state violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations increased 3% on Jan. 16 from their 2023 levels. Here are the new penalties.

Why Self-Insuring Your Home Sounds Good, but Is a Bad Idea

As more Californians see their homeowner's insurance policies non-renewed and are unable to find new coverage, they are being forced to turn to the California FAIR Plan, whose coverage is less comprehensive and significantly more expensive.

Staring at rates that are hundreds of percent higher than their old homeowner's policies, many homeowners are looking for alternatives. Some people who have been diligent about socking away savings and/or have significant stockholdings, are considering the once unthinkable: forgoing the insurance coverage and instead self-insuring their home. Is that a good idea?

Taking the hassle out of insurance agency marketing.

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