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Looking for an affordable way to reach out to your clients and prospects electronically?  Consider a PDF newsletter that you can post on your web site, e-mail to your clients and prospects, and include as part of a new business proposal.  Our PDF newsletters are colorful and professionally designed and help position you as an industry expert!

The PDF newsletters can be ordered as a stand-alone product, or with your printed newsletter order. 

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 Our PDF newsletters include the following benefits:

  • More than 5,000 articles to choose from
  • Option to customize articles or submit your own articles
  • Customized greetings
  • Multiple design styles from which to choose
  • Custom design options
  • Personalize newsletter with your photo and message
  • Add customized greetings and seasonal messages
  • Professionally designed
  • Include calls to action with your agency’s phone number


Custom Newsletter

Features of Our PDF Newsletter Service

Our pdf newsletters are top-notch with excellent layouts and designs and expertly written content for whatever your target market is.

We have three tiers of print newsletters, one of which will fit your budget:

Basic: This newsletter is built on a pre-made templates and we will include your logo and contact info and picture and message on it. Articles are pre-chosen and you do not get a choice for articles.

Select: The newsletter template is one of our premade templates with your logo and contact info and picture if you want as well as a message. You can choose your own articles from our content library or upload your own content for this newsletter.

Premium: We will create a custom designed newsletter template branded just your company. You can choose articles from our content library and include your own content. This is the best newsletter if you want one branded and unique.

Our expansive content library separates us from our competition. With more than 5,000 articles to choose from, you will easily find the content you need for your agency.

Inurance PDF Newsletters

Pricing for PDF Newsletters

PDF Newsletters prices

Per Issue Layout and Design Fee

Basic$45Basic newsletter template with pre-chosen articles
Select$65Basic newsletter template. Choose articles from our library or use your own content
Premium$85Custom, branded newsletter template. Choose articles from our library or use your own content


How often can I change my contact info and personal message for this newsletter?

You may change this information at any time before your next issue. There is no charge for this service. Also, you may update your mailing and billing information as needed.

How often should I send out my print newsletter?

Frequency is critical in communicating your message! We recommend a frequency of 4 to 6 times per year to optimize the strength of your presence and message.

Can I start and stop this newsletter at any time?

You may start or stop your print newsletter campaign as needed. There are no contracts to sign. Even better, as your quantity and frequency grow, your cost per piece decreases.

Are there others using this newsletter in my geographic area?

We do not regulate the usage of our newsletters in specific areas. Even if we did, our newsletters are so customizable, that each agency’s newsletter is unique. We encourage our customers to personalize their newsletters, and we are there to help every step of the way! Call us for more information on customization options.

Do you offer mailing services?

Yes. We offer optional full-service mailing. We can mail your newsletters by standard or first class mail.

Do the newsletters require envelopes?

No. Instead, the newsletters are tabbed with a sticky dot to keep them from opening in the mail. If you prefer to do your own mailing, we can ship the newsletters to you. They are self-mailers and require only a first class Postage Stamp.

Can we upload our newsletter to our website?

Yes, if you order a PDF version, you can upload these files to your website. (See PDF Newsletters Tab for additional information).

Will I get an opportunity to view a proof before my newsletter is printed?

Yes, you will receive an electronic proof approximately 1-2 business days after placing your order. You will also have the opportunity to make changes to your proof before printing. We don’t print anything until we receive your on-line proof approval.

How many articles are available in your library?

We are always adding new content, so this number grows monthly. In a typical month, we add at least 25 new articles, spread across categories. As of this writing, our library contains more than 5,000 articles covering nearly every insurance topic imaginable!

Can I select the articles for my newsletter?

Yes. With our Select and Premium options, you can select all of the content for your newsletter. You can even upload custom content if you like, and can also personalize our articles before using them. We encourage customization. The more you make the newsletter your own, the more your clients will connect with YOU and YOUR AGENCY!

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