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Don’t waste time making your own newsletter. Our system frees you up so you don’t have to write your own content, design your newsletter and send it out.

Our turnkey e-mail delivery system lets you stay in front of your clients and prospects with meaningful communications on a regular basis and with measurable results.

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Here’s what you get:

  • State-of-the-art system for setting up, scheduling and sending out your newsletter.
  • User-friendly system for uploading and managing multiple mailing lists for as many producers you have.
  • Important analytics like open and click rates that let you drill down to even which articles your client open.
  • Professionally written, timely content authored by award-winning insurance industry journalists, trade association writers and insurance professionals.
  • cost.
  • System to schedule deliver of your newsletters.
  • Extensive content library with more than 5,000 articles, and growing by about 25 new articles every month.
  • Content that addresses your clients’ needs and which they will want to read.
  • 98% hit rate in reaching e-mail in-boxes.
  • Top-shelf customer service. Our team will help you set up your newsletters and hold your hand through the process at no extra cost.


Email template sample
Email Newsletters template sample
Email Newsletters template sample
Email Insurance Newsletters

Features of Our E-mail Newsletter Service

  • User-friendly, state-of-the-art system for setting up, scheduling and sending out your newsletter.
  • Analytics that provide open and click-through rates as well as bounces and any unsubscribes.
  • Easy-to-use e-mail management system that easily lets you add and delete from your lists and set up different lists for different newsletters you may be sending out.
  • Create multiple e-mail newsletters, like one for each producer or for different client categories (employee benefits and commercial lines clients, for example).
  • Our delivery system ensures that 98% of all e-emails arrive in your clients’ and prospects’ in-boxes and not their spam boxes.
  • Customizable newsletters that include your logo and contact information. We can brand your newsletter for you by designing a custom banner with your logo, identifying colors and other brand markings.
  • Choose from more than 5,000 articles in our content library. We add 25-30 newsletters every month, to ensure timely content and our content library is unmatched in terms of quality and effectiveness.
  • Articles are written by insurance industry journalists as well as industry professionals. Our writers have a combined 50 years of experience covering the industry.
  • You can edit or add to any of our articles and include your own content and messaging.
  • Specialization: We only serve the insurance industry, so we are experts in the niche and know how to write for your clients.
  • Include links to your social media accounts.
  • Different layout options, dozens of mastheads and image banners to choose from.
  • You can feed your newsletter to your social media accounts.

Our expansive content library separates us from our competition. With more than 5,000 articles to choose from, you will easily find the content you need for your agency.

Email Insurance Newsletters templates

Pricing for E-mail Newsletters

Select the Number of Email Recipients
You will not be charged separately for each unique newsletter. The rate will be based on the cumulative total of all recipients in a month, regardless of the number of separate newsletters you send. Each agent in the agency can have their own newsletter and their own mailing list without being charged separately for each, achieving economies of scale for all.

Monthly Rate


How can I customize your newsletter to meet the marketing needs of my agency?

Your e-mail newsletter can be as unique as your agency! You can add your photo and logo, and you can write a customized greeting for each successive issue. We can also create a custom banner for you that is branded for your agency. You can choose any article from our vast library of insurance-related content, and you can edit the article to personalize it to your liking. You can even upload custom articles to your newsletter if you like.

How often should I send out my e-mail newsletter?

Because e-mail newsletters are so cost effective and due to the positive response, most of our customers opt for a monthly frequency. It is a simple way to reach out to your clients and warm prospects with timely information to position yourself as an industry expert.

Will I get to see a proof of the newsletter before it is e-mailed to my clients?

Yes. You will receive a proof around the 15th of the month preceding your issue date. You are able to make changes to your proof on-line (including changing articles and updating your greeting) and immediately see your revised proof. There is no formal proof approval process for the e-mail newsletters.

Can I select the articles that appear on my newsletter?

Although our editors select thee articles to appear on each e-mail newsletter, you are free to change any or all of the articles. You can replace them with articles from our library of 5,000 articles, or upload your own articles. And you are not limited to only three stories. You can add additional articles at no extra charge.

How can I best utilize the e-mail newsletter?

You can use your e-mail newsletter to make clients aware of your full line-up of agency options. With links to your web site and social media pages included on the newsletter, your clients will really get to know you and the services you provide!

Do you send our e-mail newsletters to our clients?

Yes. The newsletters are sent out using our proprietary newsletter delivery system. You simply upload your e-mail addresses directly to your account. Although the newsletters are sent by our mail server, they come from your e-mail address to prevent issues with SPAM.

How can I tell if my e-mail newsletters were received?

With powerful analytical tools, you can easily measure and track your e-mail campaign results as they happen. Drill down to see which clients/prospects are reading your e-mails.

Can I post my e-mail newsletters on my Website and Social Media?

Yes. You can post your newsletters on your website with a few simple key strokes. And we give you the tools to quickly and efficiently set up your Social Media Feeds.

How do I handle the “unsubscribes” and bounces on my mailing list?

If a client requests to be unsubscribed from the newsletter, or if an e-mail address bounces, our system will remove the address from your mailing list, and the recipient will no longer receive the newsletter. You will receive a report of all bounces so you can go back to your client to get an updated e-mail address for them.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of issues?

No. You can start and stop the e-mail newsletter program at any time without penalty. You are not locked into any contract.

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