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Our Powerful Content Sharing Tool for Insurance Agencies so Flexible that you can use it Anywhere!

Get licensed access to our insurance content and position yourself as an industry professional! With our content and social media package, you will be able to instantly have access to sharing over 5,000 professionally written articles covering nearly every insurance topic!

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Exploit the full value of our system:

  • One click share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google Plus.
  • Instantly Email Informative Articles to Prospects & Clients.
  • Share articles on your website by instantly creating a landing page.
  • Download articles as editable Word files for use in your newsletter, blog or other agency marketing needs.

We have annual, unlimited article packages available, as well as monthly limited options.

To get an idea of the kinds of articles we produce, take a look at our article library. Or better still, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Let us show you how our content subscriptions can position you as a trusted source of invaluable information and give your agency a competitive edge. Those who present themselves professionally win quality business and constantly keep their agency in the forefront of people’s minds.


Features of Our Content & Social Media Service

  • Over 5,000 professionally written articles on insurance and related topics.
  • Searchable Database of article titles and subjects including Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Personal Planning (Life, Health, Disability, Long-term Care, Financial Planning) and Employee Benefits.
  • Each selected article is available for use in an editable Microsoft Word format, and on a customizable personalized “landing page.”
  • Edit articles, add your own by-line and publish them on your blog, website, or in a local publication (available when you download the article in Word)
  • One-Click sharing for all popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Email articles to your prospects and customers directly from inside the system.
  • Branded landing pages contain your URL, Header graphic, logo and contact information, presenting YOU as an industry leader

Our expansive content library separates us from our competition. With more than 5,000 articles to choose from, you will easily find the content you need for your agency.

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How are we allowed to utilize the articles?

You can use our content in your own print or e-mail newsletters, on your web site, in a blog, or on your social media pages. You can even run our articles in a local publication, using your own byline. You must use it only in conjunction with your agency as the agency name and/or logo must be above the article. The license does not allow you to share this with other users or agencies.

Are the articles editable?

Yes. When you download an article, it arrives in your in-box as a Word Document. You can choose to use the article “as is,” or you can customize it if you like. Articles that are downloaded on a landing page, email or shared on social media are not editable at this time.

Is there any limit to the number of articles we can download with the unlimited content subscription?

For our unlimited package, you can download as many articles as you see fit during your annual subscription period. For our monthly package, you are allowed up to two articles per month and each additional article may be downloaded for an additional cost.

How many articles are available in your library?

We are always adding new content, so this number is constantly changing. Our library contains more than 5,000 articles across all sections covering a wide range of insurance topics.

Do social shares link to your website?

When you share an article on social media or via email, it goes on a personalized landing page with your own URL, logo and contact information.

I’ve downloaded an article in the past, but now I want to share it on Social Media. Do I have to pay for it again?

When you download an article from us it’s saved to your account. You can access these articles in your “History” and share them to social media or via email whenever you like. This does NOT count against your “download limits” for monthly content accounts.

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