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why-usHow can I customize your newsletter to meet the marketing needs of my agency? Your HTML eNewsletter can be as unique as your agency!  You can add your photo and logo, and you can write a customized greeting for each successive issue.  You can choose any article from our vast library of insurance-related content, and you can edit the article to personalize it to your liking.  You can even upload custom articles to your newsletter if you like.

How often should I send out my eNewsletter? Because eNewsletters are so cost effective and due to positive response, most of our eNewsletter customers opt for a monthly frequency.  It is a simple way to reach out to your clients and warm prospects with timely information to position yourself as an industry expert.

Will I get to see a proof of the newsletter before it is e-mailed to my clients? Yes. You will receive a proof around the 15th of the month preceding your issue date. You are able to make changes to your proof on-line, and immediately see your revised proof.  There is no formal proof approval process for the eNewsletters.

Can I select the articles that appear on my newsletter? Although our editors select 3 articles to appear on each HTML newsletter, you are free to change any or all of the articles. You can replace them with articles from our library of 3,000 current articles, or upload your own articles to the newsletters.  And you are not limited to only 3.  You can add additional articles at no extra charge.

How can I best utilize the eNewsletter? You can use your eNewsletter to make clients aware of your full line-up of agency options.  With links to your Web site and Social Media Pages included on the newsletter, your clients will really get to know you and the services you provide!

Do you send our HTML newsletters to our clients? Yes. You simply upload your e-mail addresses directly to the newsletter website. Although the newsletters are sent by our mail server, they come from your e-mail address to prevent issues with SPAM.

How can I tell if my HTML newsletters were received? With powerful reporting tools, you can easily measure and track your e-mail campaign results as they happen. Drill down to see which clients/prospects are reading your e-mails.

Can I post my HTML newsletters on my Website and Social Media? Yes. You can post your newsletters on your website with a few simple key strokes. And we give you the tools to quickly and efficiently set up your Social Media Feeds.

How do I handle the “unsubscribes” and bounces on my mailing list? If a client requests to be unsubscribed from the newsletter, or if an e-mail address bounces, our system will remove the address from your mailing list, and the recipient will no longer receive the HTML newsletter.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of issues? No.  You can start and stop the eNewsletter Program at any time without penalty.


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