Blogging Your Way to More Insurance Sales

The internet is beginning to really change the face of prospecting. And while it might make that process easier, it doesn’t change the fact that selling comes from building trust between you and your prospect. After all, the best sales environment is one in which the client trusts you and your judgment and has a desire to work with you to fulfill their insurance needs.

When you host seminars, cold call, or meet clients who’ve been referred to you, you are focusing on presenting yourself as an authority in the industry and establishing that trust. Luckily, there is an easy way to create that authoritative, trustworthy persona online as well through a simple exercise referred to as blogging.

What is Blogging and How Does it Help?

When you blog, you create 300-500 word articles about a topic within your market. In doing so, you show your personality, your knowledge and your authority within the niche. When prospects read your blog, they get a sense of all that, and this gives them an instantaneous bond with you. The more regularly you blog, the stronger this bond can become.

Many people consider blogging to be the same as online networking, which is referred to as social networking. Blogging isn’t exactly social networking because it’s not a two-way conversation, but it does have some similar traits. Your blog readers can (and many of them will) comment on your blog posts, ask questions and even request that you cover specific topics. Commenting back and continuing to be personable is a great way to really cement your relationship and start getting sales.

Creating Good Blog Content

The key to creating good blog content is to write relevant posts that are easy for a web reader to scan. Since blogs are more of a social medium, you can write more casually and include your opinion. Keep the content general so your compliance department doesn’t get uncomfortable and don’t give too many glossy overviews or your readers won’t feel the value of your blog.

If you are not a writer, or aren’t even sure where to begin with creating your blog, don’t worry. You can purchase pre-written insurance content for you blog right here.