Building Trust Through Your Website

Your website is more than just a way to attract new clients to your services. Your website serves as your sales department, your education library, your public image, and more. By keeping your website updated and filled with relevant information that showcases your knowledge and accessibility, it can be used as a tool to create trust between you and potential clients.

How Updates Create Trust

  1. Updates show that you are accessible. How many clients have had difficulty reaching their agent after the policy is issued? You are on your site on a regular basis and this creates the impression that you are easy to reach and attentive.
  2. Updates illustrate your continued efforts to stay informed. This helps your potential clients understand your investment in your career and the industry.
  3. Regular updates on your website are done for anyone who views the website and are not subject to a fee. This no-charge value that you add to your site shows an altruistic desire to educate.

Ways to Update Your Site

Most of the content on your site is carefully crafted sales copy with keywords perfect for search engine optimization (SEO), a call to action that compels clients to call you, and evergreen insurance information. If you aren’t comfortable updating this information without losing the value of your SEO and call to action, add a news section or blog to your site. You may even create a small area on your front page dedicated to these updates. This takes little time to update and provides a consistent area for repeat visitors to look for updates. Make time to update or “tweak” your website at least monthly.

If looking for news is more difficult than you want to deal with, simply set up your Google Reader to pull all articles or blog posts with certain words in them that are used in your industry. This will help you save time in researching and will give you instant access to relevant information.

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