Improve Your Email Newsletter Open Rates with a Well-Crafted Subject Line

Having a newsletter is a great idea for any agency. A newsletter keeps you fresh in your client’s mind; it cements your reputation as an authority in the insurance industry; it points out holes in your clients planning that you can fill; and it educates your clients to help make them informed consumers. But what good is your email newsletter if no one opens it?

Here are some tips to help you fix your email subject line to increase your readership.

Need = Read

When you tell people why they need to read your email, chances are they will. You have to be careful when creating need that you don’t abuse the trust your clients have in you. You must make sure the need in your subject line is legitimate and is addressed by your newsletter. Some examples of need are:

  • Legislation changes: If legislation is about to change that could adversely affect your clients, then use that information in your title.

  • Time value: If there is a risk that the future value of your client’s money could be negatively impacted if they do not have the information you present in your newsletter, use that in your title. If you expect interest rate changes or premium increases that will adversely affect the power of their money, mention that.

  • Suspense: Giving some intriguing details in your title and leaving the question of “How does this affect me” on your reader’s mind will compel them to read your newsletter.

Numbers and Lists

Numbers mean results—and results sell. Tell your clients about, “The $10,000 Mistake You Can Avoid” and they won’t hesitate to open your email. Make sure that you can back up the information you put in your title with facts or you might lose their trust.

When reading electronic media, many of your clients want short, simple, easy-to-read articles which can be given in the form of lists. Lists take very little time to read and are often less intimidating because they often break down complex theories. Titles like, “5 Reasons a Fixed Annuity is Perfect for Your Retirement” tell readers that they will get information they can understand, quickly read and that applies to them.