Improving Your E-mail Open Rate

Everyone wants to get the best value from each marketing dollar spent.  You’ve invested in an eNewsletter campaign.  Now, how can you get the best possible open rate?  There are several things to consider, and we make it easy.

  1. Take a look at your “From Name” and “From e-mail address.”   Be careful not to use a Personal e-mail address that may look unfamiliar to your recipients.  It’s best if you use your name and an e-mail address that represents your business.  Your recipient is more likely to open the newsletter if they recognize that it is from your agency, and less likely to mark it as spam.
  2. Carefully consider your subject line.  A bland, generic subject line such as “ABC Agency Newsletter” is definitely not going to generate the best results.  Instead, consider using a short subject line that is intentionally vague and also a bit of a teaser.  If you can pique a recipient’s interest with your subject line, they are going to want to open the newsletter to learn more!
  3. Understand your audience, and choose relevant content for your newsletter.  The best agencies put some time into understanding their customer’s needs.  Choose articles that will be of interest to your customers, and consider using your eNewsletter as a cross-selling tool.  By choosing the right articles, you can express to your Personal Lines customers that you can also help them with their Business Insurance.
  4. Be responsive to those who request a callback or additional information.  It is especially important to respond to those who click on the Request-a-Callback link on your newsletter.  Your clients and prospects want to know that their needs are important to you.

By simply investing a little time into the four items above, you may find that you increase your open rate by several percentage points each month.  And as more recipients open your newsletter and find that you have true expertise, they are more likely to want to do business with you in the future!