Reaping the Benefits of an Insurance Newsletter During the Sales Cycle

You probably don’t realize just how valuable your insurance newsletter is when it comes to prospecting, making sales and client retention. Let’s look at each stage to get an idea just how much difference an insurance newsletter can make.


Prospecting is never a fun task. Trying to find qualified leads, marketing yourself and buying lists can be expensive, time consuming and hit-or-miss in terms of your success rate. Newsletters take much of the pain and expense out of prospecting because they serve as a form of pre-sales communication with potential prospects, some of whom may eventually call you because of the information they found in your newsletter.

But newsletters allow you more than just electronic options. You can use printed newsletters as mailable marketing pieces. A professional look and helpful tidbits will ensure that they are one marketing piece that gets read and not circular filed.

Making Sales

It is difficult to determine the exact amount of sales directly attributed to your newsletter campaign. Often, that is because sales are made for many reasons—not just because of one single part of your sales process. But when you have a newsletter to use as a leave behind that shows your knowledge of the subject matter, your authority within the industry and your dedication to keeping your clients informed, it can definitely be that final straw that encourages prospects to pull the trigger.

But more than just the initial sale, your insurance newsletter can actually help round out client accounts for you. Choosing the right articles can introduce them to insurance products they never realized they needed or knew you offered–but do realize it once they read your newsletter.

Client Retention

Finding a client and making a sale is one step. Client persistency is another. When you have dedicated clients who want to keep you as their agent, not only do you have less to worry about in terms of commission chargebacks but you also get word-of-mouth referrals that put a gigantic foot in the door of your client’s friends and family members.