Print Newsletters – What are they worth?

In our rapidly changing world of high technology, some business owners begin to question the value of print marketing. With so many on-line opportunities to “touch” clients and prospects, from e-newsletters to social media, is print marketing still valuable?

The answer is, when used properly, print fills a void not reached with on-line promotional options, and can actually boost your marketing efforts. To gain the best return on your marketing investment, a cross-channel campaign that includes print newsletters, e-newsletters, and social media delivers the best results.

With a targeted demographic, print media is very powerful. For instance, while much on-line marketing is looked at once and then deposited in a recycle bin, print media often stays around. If your printed piece is attractive and informative, a recipient is likely to keep it as a resource, and may even pass it along to a friend or co-worker. A printed piece also signals that your company is strong and viable, especially in a down economy.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and e-newsletters are growing in popularity, traditional media continues to play a large role in people’s lives. By aligning social media, e-newsletters, and print newsletters, you will cover more of your targeted audience, and make your presence well known in an ever- evolving, competitive marketplace.

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