Quick n Dirty Marketing Plan Series Part 3: Don’t just be On the Web—Work the Web

In case you haven’t heard, the internet is making waves in insurance prospecting. Not only is it widening your network of referrals and prospects but it can put you in touch with an entire generation of uninsured individuals that rely on the internet for much of their shopping and researching.

In 2010, these are the web marketing trends you need to get on top of:

  • An agency website

  • A blog

  • An electronic newsletter

  • Email marketing

  • Article marketing

  • Online networking

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

    • Online community forums

Let’s take each of these methods and look at them individually.

Agency website: A well written, informative agency website does not need to be complicated or expensive. Be clear about your message, write with personality but keep it professional, keep the content updated and make sure it has a call to action. Contact information should be easy to find and the site should have some SEO to bring in more traffic.

A blog: A blog is a great way to deliver timely information to your prospective clients and develop a stronger relationship of trust with them. Be sure to update the blog regularly, allow it to have personality without being unprofessional, and keep the content easy to read and applicable to the topic.

An electronic newsletter: Newsletters increase your authority and professional image. They also create a great means of staying in contact with prospective clients without badgering them with incessant telephone calls and mailers. An electronic newsletter should look professional, have pictures and interesting articles that help readers learn about different types of products they might need. It should be easy to sign up for and easy to stop receiving.

Email marketing: Email marketing campaigns are another great way to promote yourself and your services and they cost less money than traditional mailers. Be sure to create a consistent message with a call to action that is not too pushy. Be sure to include contact information and any applicable deadlines.

Article marketing: Article marketing, the process of writing articles and placing them on websites like Ezine, helps to widen your exposure and bring more links in to your website. Be sure to create helpful articles on evergreen topics.

Online networking: Online networking, through sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and various online forums, is quickly becoming a popular way to snag a whole new generation of busy prospects. Be sure to let your personality show when networking online and NEVER just shout your message and leave. Just like in-person networking, you must be a resource and interact with others. If you were at an in-person networking event and just stood in the middle of the room shouting about your insurance products, everyone would think you were insane and nobody would become your client or refer you to potential clients. The same will happen with online networking. Another tip—be sure to network with your clients or people who are the gatekeepers to your clients. Networking with other agents might not be the best use of time.