Saving Time and Money with a Newsletter

As an agent, time is one of your most valuable commodities. It is limited in availability and the more you are able to save for yourself and your family, the richer you feel. But because so much of your career is devoted toward customer service and education, your time can be easily used up by customer questions. Even if you have a staff to help share some of the responsibility, you are spending tens of thousands of dollars in payroll and personal time value on answering routine questions. When you have an agency newsletter, however, you can save yourself money and time by providing answers to commonly asked questions within the newsletter itself.

How Your Newsletter Saves You Money and Time

Many agents think of their newsletters more as a marketing tool but in reality they are also great for existing clients who want a better understanding of their insurance policies. Newsletters can decrease the amount of incoming question calls you get because your clients will find answers to many of their questions within the pages of your newsletters. In addition, newsletters can save time in annual customer meetings because–instead of saving their questions up for your meeting–your clients will have been reading your newsletter all year and gaining knowledge.

In order to help keep your clients informed and educated through your newsletters, be sure to suggest that they sign up after taking out a policy with you. It is a good idea to have both an online and print version of your newsletter available so that your client’s individual reading tastes are covered. Additionally, try to have archives available online to help create a virtual research center that your clients feel comfortable accessing.

An informed client is the best kind of client to have because information results in higher persistency, fewer complaints and more repeat customers and referrals over the years–just another way it pays to have a newsletter.