Integrating Your Insurance Newsletter into Your Podcasts

In April, The Nielsen Company introduced a report that showed online video viewers had increased to a total of 131.7 million viewers in March 2010. Studies like these indicate that online video watching is on the rise and if you have a website and blog and are not using podcasts as another means of getting your message across to viewers, then you are missing out on a large market.

But it’s not easy for everyone to start podcasting. Maybe you don’t know what to talk about or how to approach a topic on video as you would in person or through a blog post—but that’s exactly where your insurance newsletter can come in handy.

Expand on Newsletter Articles

The articles in your newsletter are limited in size, so not every point of view can be explored and not every question your clients may have about a topic can be answered. You can get a little closer to doing this in your video. In the podcast, just let your viewers know what article and newsletter edition you are discussing and start explaining the points and nuances that you think should be expanded on.

Personalize the Content

When your clients and prospects can relate to you on a personal level, it creates a much stronger foundation for your business. Using the articles in your newsletters you can create podcasts that allow you to tell a personal story or anecdote about a particular article, thus adding a personal angle to the content you’ve already released and your clients and prospects have already read about so they can relate on multiple levels.

Supplement the Newsletter Content

There are only so many topics you can address in each newsletter, but you might feel that more topics tie in to the current issue and should be addressed somehow. Your podcast can be a way to create additional content that won’t fit in your newsletter but does act as a perfect tie in to the content presented. For instance, if you choose articles about the importance of life and disability insurance for your newsletter but don’t have room for an article about long term care, you can use your podcast to discuss it and explain how it adds a necessary layer of protection when purchased with life and DI.