Maximizing Your Social Networking Plan with Newsletters

There are many important uses for your newsletter and one of the most helpful is the way that it can assist your social networking plan. When you think of social networking you might not immediately find your newsletter to be a possible help, but consider the following:

1. A newsletter can keep your fan page alive: Each time your newsletter comes out you can talk about it on your Facebook fan page. Give a description of all the articles in the edition and get people excited about subscribing. Not only does this give you additional information to add to your Facebook page but it is further evidence of how involved and proactive your agency is.

2. Twitter can “deliver” newsletter messages: Twitter is a great tool for social networking, but it can be hard to convert Twitter readers to website visitors. When you promote your newsletter on your Twitter account you can give people a good, free, and substantial reason to click through and explore your website. This also keeps your Twitter account both active and interactive.

3. Facebook discussions can be inspired by newsletter articles: If you want to encourage Facebook discussions on your fan page but aren’t sure how to introduce them, your newsletter can be the key. Why not take an excerpt of a few of the articles in your newsletter and post them on Facebook to start a discussion among your fans? Their responses can even help you better identify their needs and concerns allowing you to better target your offerings.

4. Newsletters give you ideas for LinkedIn group discussions: When you join LinkedIn groups filled with your target clients, you might be competing with some other agents. Use your newsletter to give you an edge by posting discussions about the newsletter articles you have. Like Facebook discussions, these can give you real and valuable insight into your target client while showing how involved and knowledgeable you are as an insurance professional.

These are just a few tips—you will find once you start integrating your newsletter into your social networking plan that the ideas and uses keep rolling in.