4 Tips for Creating a Forward-Worthy Newsletter

One of the great ways you can get new clients without even trying is to create a newsletter that is “Forward-worthy.” A forward-worthy newsletter is one that your readers will read and find so valuable that they quickly want to forward it on to others within their online and offline social circles. This exposes your newsletter to a much wider audience and acts almost like a testimonial for your knowledge and services.

But how do you create a newsletter that people want to forward? It takes some planning and effort, but it isn’t about gimmicks, tricks or flashy graphics. It’s all about quality with a touch of visual interest.

1. Content, content, content: Your newsletter is your mouthpiece. It must be there speaking to your potential clients when you aren’t. Choosing content that is informative, educational and points out things that your readers hadn’t thought of already will create a newsletter that inspires others to forward it to family and friends because it is useful.

2. Display quality: The content you choose must be of professional quality. It cannot contain spelling errors, must be professionally written and must have a purpose and point that moves the reader forward through to its conclusion. Without this, no one will even finish reading your newsletter much less pass it on to others.

3. Spice it up with personality: A great newsletter has a little punch, some pizzazz and a small dose of personality. You can add that through pictures, agency updates and content that sings rather than preaches.

4. Add a cliffhanger: Like a good serial novel, a cliffhanger on a newsletter will make your clients see your newsletter as an ongoing string of valuable information. That means they won’t just forward one issue, but many. Let them know what you’ve got coming up in the next issue on your blog, website or the newsletter itself.

The most important thing you can do when picking pieces for your newsletter is to try and look at them from your reader’s point of view. If you do that, you will pick content that gives your newsletter a reason to be.