Newsletters Are Perfect for Cross Selling Other Coverage

One of the best benefits of having an electronic or print newsletter available for your clients is that it gives you a great opportunity for cross-selling other lines of coverage.  This ability opens up your agency and exposes you to sales opportunities you might have otherwise missed out on.

With all the changes ushered in by the recent health care bill and the additional fluctuations that may be felt by the insurance industry over the coming years, agents need to make sure that they have the ability to continue to make sales and grow their book of business. It is much easier to do this with existing clients than it is to cold call and prospect to an entirely new group. If you choose the right articles for your newsletter, you can expose your clients to the other lines of coverage you sell and help make a convincing case for the need to have this coverage—all without even picking up the phone. Your newsletter will plant the seed, explain the need and prompt your client to call you.

Consider for example employee benefit brokers. Not only can you sell group health, life and retirement plans to your clients but you can also branch out into personal coverage. Imagine selling auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance and even life insurance to the small business owners, or even the employees thereof, that you sell group retirement benefit plans and insurance policies to. And the more your clients know about the different types of insurance you offer, the more they can refer you to their friends, neighbors and family members. But if they think that all you sell are group plans, they might restrict their referrals to other business owners.

In order to fully maximize the cross-selling benefits of newsletters, be sure to choose articles that show a wide range of problems that can be solved by insurance. Also, make sure that your newsletter reaches the right potential clients for these opportunities.