Solving the Mystery of Spam Filters

Any agent with insurance email marketing experience knows all about spam filters. You can follow all the rules and still find some of your emails lost in cyberspace. Even with a permission-based mailing list, you’ll still encounter emails getting trapped in spam filters.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to stay clear of spam filters. Understanding how they identify spam, however, can help you minimize their effect to your email newsletter campaigns.

To ensure maximum delivery of your email newsletters, avoid these common mistakes:

· Usage of obvious spammy phrases, like “Money back guarantee” or “100% Free”

· Excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!!

· USING ALL CAPS, especially in your subject line

· Multiple font colors, or large fonts, where unnecessary

· Messy non-compliant HTML code

· Mail is nothing but one large image

While certainly content is key in determining whether an email is marked as spam, we also take preventive steps on our end to maximize delivery for our agent clients. As an established email marketing service, Insurance Newsletters has been accepted into feedback loops with ISPs like AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo and others. Whenever an email recipient from one of these ISPs reports an email as spam, we’ll alert you right away so you know someone blocked your message. Additionally, we also automatically remove these subscribers from your mailing list(s).

Avoiding spam filters when sending out legitimate emails can take considerable effort on your part. However, watching your open rate grow by just a few percentage points could do wonders for your email marketing.