As Fires Rage, Step Up to Help Your Clients

Do you have clients in harm’s way as wildfires rage through large swaths of the West?

Thousands of homes are burning down and lives have been lost. It’s a time of extreme stress for anyone living in the area, including worrying for the safety of their loved ones, friends, co-workers as well as their homes.

Soon, they’ll be looking to you, their insurance agent, to help them sort through the claims process for their damaged properties. In times like these you can get in front of the curve by letting your clients know they can count on you when it comes time to file their insurance claims. can help you can send out a blast advising them about how to start the claims process and what they should do in terms of inventorying the damages.

We have templates and a seamless system for sending out these special communications.

Just go to your account at or sign up today. We can help you get started quickly.