How Are You Staying Relevant As Rates Rise And Your Clients Get More Calls from Competing Brokers?

Are you the kind of insurance broker that contacts each client once a year, when it’s time for policy renewal? Or do you actively engage them by reaching out with meaningful communications?

Now that rates are on the rise, more competing brokers will be calling your clients. Now is the time your insurance agency needs more existing client marketing to keep and win more business.

As we approach the end of the year, you should consider setting aside a modest budget for client communications that help you stay in front of them all year. can help with excellent and timely content written by our stable of experienced insurance journalists and writers, and well-designed newsletters crafted by our award-winning design team.

We can help you brand your newsletters by creating a template that matches your current branding. We also write articles that are useful to your clients – it’s news they can use.

Best of all,’s automatic and customizable e-mail newsletter system is easy to use and has a 99% success rate in avoiding spam filters.

If you’re not keeping your clients informed of developments that affect their risk picture and insurance, you are missing the boat and risk losing them. Let us help you retain those clients.