Insurance Agency Newsletter Secrets

If you’re considering a newsletter as a way to stay in front of your clients, you should focus on providing them with valuable information in the newsletter rather than up-selling.

These days people’s e-mail boxes are full of unopened junk mail with sales and promotional offers. To get beyond the clutter, your newsletters should include news your clients can use – timely advise that can help them manage their risk and educate them.

Instead of feeling bothered by another sales pitch, they may actually thank you for providing them with advice and guidance. Since you’re their agent or broker, they look to you for expertise and you can show that expertise with a selection of articles or advice that can help them.

This can help cement your stature as an expert that does more than just sell them insurance. A properly crafted newsletter will show you care and can help build a loyal following.

Customers with a strong attachment to a particular company spend 23% more than average consumers, and the newsletter is a prime candidate to distinguish a brand from the competition.