The Crux: Keeping Your Clients Informed of Risks

How is your commercial insurance brokerage staying in touch with your clients during the year?

Are you staying in front of them with e-mails that give them a heads up about news risks, or advice on trends that can affect their liability? For agencies with large commercial books of business, your clients expect you to help them navigate new risks and keep them informed of new workplace safety regulations coming from OSHA, legal trends and laws that can get them sued as well as compliance issues. As their insurance broker, this should be your responsibility by default.

Unfortunately reaching out to all of your clients regularly with meaningful communications isn’t easy. You have to keep your ear to the ground, know where to look, read a lot and research.

Then you have to write it for them, which is not easy since most insurance brokerages do not have someone on staff that either:

  1. Likes writing and does it well, or
  2. Has the time to write on top of their other responsibilities.


And if you want to send out a newsletter, you likely don’t have someone on staff that is skilled at designing it.

This is where comes in. We stay on top of all the trends affecting not only commercial lines insurance, but also:

  • Employee benefits
  • Personal lines
  • Individual planning (life, disability, annuities, Medicare, etc.)


Check us out! We not only have great content that you can use in your newsletters or if you just need content for your social media and blogs, we can help with that too.