Reasons to Blog and Why You Need Good Content (Part 5) Target potential customers

5. Target potential customers

Typically, your blog should not include direct promotion of your products and services. You should instead write about issues that affect your clients and dovetail with your products. The key is using content that your potential clients can use.

In the case of an insurance agency, you can cover a myriad of risk management issues that your clients and potential clients need to know about, including:

  • Seasonal items like how to protect your home against burglaries and package thefts during the holidays or the risk of heat illness to a business’s outdoor workers during the summer months.
  • Blogs on new workplace safety regulations issued by OSHA that will require employers to change some of their safety regimens.
  • Precedent-setting court decisions that affect an employers liability.
  • New changes to Medicare rules that will affect your senior clients.
  • New regulations governing health plans issue by the federal government.

By discussing issues and challenges that affect your target market and the general services you provide, you are getting your name in front of potential clients that may need and consider buying your product or hiring you for the services you provide.

You can maximize your efforts by also including the same blog content in a newsletter that goes out to your existing clients and prospects.